The Australian National University (ANU) strongly condemns Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and its fundamental breaches of international law and the UN Charter, on which the rules-based international order is founded.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine threatens the peace, freedom and democracy on which freedom of inquiry and academic collaboration is based.

The University is therefore suspending all ties and activities with Russian institutions, indefinitely and with immediate effect. We identify with those brave Russian academics and students who oppose President Putin’s unprovoked aggression. We stand in solidarity with the Ukrainian people in their defence of sovereignty and freedom and offer our support for the universities of Ukraine.

ANU acknowledges that this is a very difficult time for our Ukrainian staff and students and for those who have family members, friends and colleagues in Ukraine. We commit to support all those in our community whose lives are affected by this aggression. 

ANU is proud to stand alongside other universities across the world that have already committed to similar actions, and to the sentiments expressed in this statement. We urge institutions of all types across Australia to join us.

The Hon Julie Bishop, Chancellor
Professor Brian P Schmidt AC, Vice-Chancellor and President
Professor Joan Leach, Chair, Academic Board

The Australian National University 

Read FAQs on the University’s stance on Russia hereRead an oped on why ANU has cut ties with Russia here

Top image: Bonnie Kittle/Unsplash

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