Dr Adam Carroll is Manager of the Joint Mass Spectrometry Facility, an intiative of the Research School of Biology and Research School of Chemistry.

Dr Carroll is a biochemist and computer programmer specialising in the development and application of novel mass spectrometry, robotics and software technologies to help answer important research questions in biology, chemistry and other fields involving chemical analysis of biological and synthetic organic molecules.

He has been involved in scientific research for approximately 20 years. Most of his publications have focused on understanding plant metabolic networks, plant responses to abiotic stress and molecular mechanisms of plant stress tolerance.

Dr Carroll has interests in enzyme discovery and metabolic engineering to help reduce the environmental footprints of industrial processes and to expand the variety of chemicals accessible for improving health and wellbeing.

In his spare time, he works as a volunteer helping to restore bushland ecosystems on degraded former farmlands and is developing a citizen science platform using a professional mapping drone to monitor the long term impacts of volunteer-driven bushland regeneration work.

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