Amanda Cox is the Deputy Manager of Communication at the ANU College of Science.



Painting the universe red: meet the nuclear physicist exploring dark energy

Raghda Abdel Khaleq spends a lot of time contemplating the unknown sector of our universe. And not just for…


Thrusters engaged: meet the team propelling ANU technology into space

A retro household staple is powering new technology to help propel satellites in space. It is 2am in…

31 January 2023


From spy thrillers to laser beams: creating an unbreakable code

Worldwide, spending on cyber security is skyrocketing with at least 16 billion online records exposed in the first half…

23 December 2020


To study climate change in Antarctica, researchers are looking under the ice

When ANU researcher Dr Adele Morrison starts talking about deep-water ocean currents, I am intrigued, and then shocked,…

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