Dr Ana Manero is a Research Fellow at the ANU Crawford School of Public Policy.

Dr Manero’s current research is focused on improving the understanding and valuation of water resources, for resilient decision-making and greater water justice. She also holds an adjunct research fellow position at the University of Western Australia. She completed her PhD at ANU in 2018, thesis title: Water distribution within smallholder irrigation schemes in Tanzania and its implications for economic inequality.

Originally from Spain, Ana has studied and worked in France, Italy, the USA (Master Thesis at University of California Berkeley) and Tanzania (PhD fieldwork). Dr Manero holds a PhD in agricultural economics (Australian National University) and B.Sc. and M. Sc. civil and environmental engineering (UPC-Barcelona and ENPC-Paris). Prior to completing her PhD, she worked for six years as a water engineer in the private and public sectors in Europe and across Australia.

Her main research interests are focused on finding strategies for sustainable management of natural resources, in a way that considers human values and wellbeing, as well as environmental protection. Current and past areas of research range from water and agriculture, to mining and energy. Through 10 years of work as an academic and a consultant, Ana has developed a strong passion for results-driven research, drawing from multiple fields, including economics, engineering, environmental and social sciences.

Besides her primary work on water management and policy, Dr Manero is investigating surfing economics, including the financial and non-market value of surf ecosystems.

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