Anita Wahid is a PhD candidate at the ANU School of Culture, History and Language.

Her research focuses on investigating civil society’s efforts in mitigating disinformation in Indonesian 2024 Presidential election.

Prior to commencing her PhD program, she has been an activist advocating for human rights and democracy in Indonesia. Her focus of work has been on issues of anti-corruption, religious tolerance and pluralism, and digital information ecosystem. She has been involved and was in leadership positions at many civil society organisations, including Indonesian Anti-Hoax Society (Masyarakat Anti-Fitnah Indonesia/MAFINDO), Digital Literacy National Movement SiberKreasi, and the Public Virtue Research Institute. She’s also a member of Indonesian Women Anti-Corruption Movement (Perempuan Indonesia Antikorupsi/PIA) and Gusdurian Network.

Fields of expertise



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23 February 2024

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