Dr Arnagretta Hunter is a physician, cardiologist and Senior Lecturer in the Rural Clinical School.

Arnagretta is an experienced medical practitioner who has worked across urban, rural and regional Australia. She is a member of the ANU Institute for Climate Energy and Disaster Solutions and her interests include climate change and the health impacts, particularly heat and other extreme weather events. As the Human Future Fellow she has encouraged and led discussion about our future, the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

She is an experienced media commentator who has spoken on radio regularly and enjoyed TV appearances. She is a co-host of Policy Forum Pod from the Crawford School of Public Policy and has extensive interview experience.

Fields of expertise



Our survival as a species requires urgent action

In 2020 the idea of interdependent, interrelated risks to our future shifted from a concept to reality, becoming…

12 December 2020


Calls to add ‘climate change’ to death certificates

Heat-related deaths have been “substantially underreported” on Australia’s national records, according to experts from The Australian National University…

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