Bhiamie Williamson is a Euahlayi man from north-west NSW with familial ties to north-west Queensland, and a Research Associate at the Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy Research.

Bhiamie is a graduate from the Australian National University, the University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada (MAIG), the Native Nations Institute, University of Arizona, and the University of Wollongong.

He is an expert on Indigenous land management and cultural burning, Indigenous peoples in disasters, Indigenous governance, and Indigenous men and masculinities.

Fields of expertise



‘Just ask us, come and see us.’ Aboriginal young people in the Northern Territory must be listened to, not punished

The media frenzy about the ‘crime wave‘ in Mparntwe (Alice Springs), and the way the Northern Territory and federal governments…

14 February 2023


Bushfires disproportionately impact Indigenous Australians

First Nations Australians suffered worse impacts from the Black Summer bushfires due to inappropriate planning and unsuitable interventions by…

13 April 2022

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