Dr Bruce Moore is an Honorary Associate Professor in the School of Literature, Languages, and Linguistics.

From 1994 to 2011 he was Director of the Australian National Dictionary Centre at ANU.

Dr Moore has published many books on Australian English. He is the editor of the two-volume Australian National Dictionary: Australian Words and Their Origins. He edited many Australian dictionaries for Oxford University Press, including the Australian Concise Oxford Dictionary and the Australian Pocket Oxford Dictionary.

His book Speaking Our Language is the standard account of the history of Australian English. His recent books include Come in Spinner: A History of Two-up and Its Language (2022) and The 1972 Parramatta Jail Glossary: An Edition with Commentary (2023).

Fields of expertise



Parramatta prison patter: the colourful world of prison slang

A jail is completely isolated from the society that creates it, with severe limits placed on the prisoners’…

29 January 2024


Come in Spinner: two-up’s unusual language explained

Why is the wooden paddle used to toss the coins in two-up called a kip?  Why should you be…

22 April 2022

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