Budy P Resosudarmo is a Professor at the Crawford School of Public Policy, Deputy Head of the ANU Poverty and Inequality Research Centre, and a Researcher at the ANU Indonesia Project.

Budy is a developmental and environmental economist working on interlinks between natural shocks and environmental condition and local economies, household incomes, human development and the environment, and investigating the political economy of environmental policies and resource utilisation.

Since the mid 1990s, he has been publishing series of articles on the impacts of energy, air pollution and climate change policies on local economy as well as human welfare and health condition. He has also been working on policies supporting the development and resilience of small-scale fishing communities in small islands and on improving our understanding toward the consequences of natural shocks during childhood on adulthood development outcomes.

Budy has been mostly working on development and environmental issues in Southeast Asia, particularly Indonesia. More recently, the focus of his research has been on energy transformation and integration, disaster management and insurances, and development in lagging regions. In conducting his research, he implements, among others, impact evaluation, spatial and inter-regional modelling techniques.

He was the 1997-1998 president of the Regional Science Association International, the 2013-2015 president of the Pacific Regional Science Conference Organization, the 2012-2015 vice president of the East Asia Association of Environmental and Resource Economics, and the 2009-2017 vice president of the Indonesian Regional Science Association.

Budy is currently the president of the Asian Association of Environmental and Resource Economics, a member of the Council of the Regional Science Association International, member of the Advisory Committee of the Economy and Environment Institute-Indonesia and member of the Advisory Board of the Indonesian Regional Science Indonesia.

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