Dr Claire Benn is a Research Fellow on the Humanising Machine Intelligence Grand Challenge.

In addition to addressing key ethical questions, for example, about the limits of our duties to others, Dr Benn’s work also focuses on current and emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and virtual reality. Dr Benn shows how the questions and problems of technological systems, in particular data and AI, demand a re-examination of our ethical concepts, assumptions and practices.

As she aims to show through her work, reflecting on technological change is a pivotal lens through which to make real progress in central topics of moral theory, such as obligations, decision-making under uncertainty, moral conflicts and dilemmas, communication, empathy, and artistic expression.

The Humanising Machine Intelligence (HMI) Grand Challenge is an interdisciplinary project bringing together researchers from philosophy, computer science, social sciences, law and other disciplines to address fundamental questions at the intersection of AI, ethics, and society, and putting those ideas into practice and policy.

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