Dr Dave Pasalich is a Senior Lecturer at the ANU School of Medicine and Psychology.

Dr Pasalich has completed postdoctoral fellowships in Canada and the USA. He has been a registered psychologist since 2011, and has practiced in various community and university settings.

At the heart of his research, he desires to improve mental health and wellbeing in children, young people and their families. A major aspect of his current work focuses on implementing and evaluating parent interventions in partnership with government and community organisations in the child welfare sector.

As Director of the ANU Child Wellbeing Research Group, he collaborates with his students on research concerning attachment relationships, child mental health, child maltreatment and trauma, family violence, and risk and resilience in out-of-home care.



“We all have a role to play”: addressing family and domestic violence over the holidays

Sometimes, the hardest conversations are the ones that are the most important to have – this is true…

22 December 2023

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