Frank Bongiorno is Professor of History in the ANU School of History.

Frank researches Australian history, especially Australian politics. His next book, Dreamers and Schemers: A Political History of Australia, will be published in November 2022.

He is a regular contributor to the media, especially Inside Story, for which he was London correspondent from 2008 until 2011, and The Conversation. Frank has also written for Australian Book Review, The Times Literary Supplement, The Monthly, The Australian and Fairfax Media.

Fields of expertise



‘He played his ukulele as the ship went down’: the political year that was

Two summers did for Scott Morrison. The first was that of 2019-20, with its fire, smoke and ash.…

19 December 2022


‘The spectre of serious civil violence’: how Australia reacted to the Whitlam dismissal

Millions of words have been said and written in condemnation and justification of the actions of the key…


The Liberal Party is in a dire state across Australia right now. That should worry us all

“The duty of an Opposition is to oppose”—attributed to Lord Randolph Churchill—is one of those quotations I remember…


Did Australia just make a move to the left?  

Political commentators often use the idea of a political spectrum from left to right as shorthand for understanding…


Fact checking The Crown: ‘Di Down Under gets 5/100’

Season four of The Crown has dropped, ruffling some Royalists’ feathers on the show’s accuracy. ANU historian Professor…

30 November 2020

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