Gregory Raymond is a lecturer in the Coral Bell School of Asia Pacific Affairs researching Southeast Asian politics and foreign relations.

His research interests include the politics and security of Thailand and the Mekong subregion, and China-Southeast Asia relations. Greg is the author of Thai Military Power: A Culture of Strategic Accommodation (NIAS Press 2018) and the lead author of The United States-Thai Alliance: History, Memory and Current Developments (Routledge, 2021).

Greg’s work has been published in journals including Contemporary Southeast Asia, South East Asia Research and the Journal of Cold War Studies. He convenes the ASEAN Australia Defence Postgraduate Scholarship Program, the Global China Research Spoke for the ANU Centre for China in the World, and is ANU Press editor for the Asia Pacific Security series. He holds a PhD in political science from La Trobe University and an MA in Asian Studies from Monash University.

Before joining ANU, Greg was a policy adviser in the Australian Government, including in the strategic and international policy areas of the Department of Defence and the Australian Embassy in Bangkok.

Fields of expertise



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