Hannah Carle is a PhD Researcher in the Department of Ecology and Evolution at the ANU Research School of Biology.

Hannah’s doctoral research explores the survival and growth outcomes of forest trees, with the ambition to improve forest restoration outcomes and ecological forecasting.

Her research uses long-term forest data to understand how trees cope with different habitats and a changing climate. Her research links the physiological and structural characteristics of trees with their environment and their fitness. She has worked in Bornean and Australian tropical forests.

Hannah is also an experienced science communicator. Prior to her PhD, Hannah delivered STEM programs and talks to thousands of people through her work with the Victorian Space Science Education Centre and Scienceworks Museum. She has presented workshops and talks to audiences ranging from school groups to public pub crowds.

Central to Hannah’s communication practice is the belief that engaging people in the process of discovery empowers them to connect with the world and to explore constructive change.

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