Dr Lee White is a Visiting Fellow at the ANU School of Regulation and Global Governance and at the Zero Carbon Energy for the Asia-Pacific Grand Challenge.

Her research is focused on understanding impacts of policies for energy transition and climate change mitigation, including policy capacity to change emissions and differences in responses between groups, across areas such as adoption of low-emissions technology and changes in energy consuming behaviour.

Dr White’s work also examines design of policies, including the processes that shape policy over time and the practical implications of different design features, in areas such as support for renewable electricity and carbon accounting for export goods.

Dr White’s recent publications and ongoing projects address areas including:
– Design of certification schemes for ‘green’ hydrogen for international trade, including emerging challenges in aligning certification schemes across borders in areas such as counting emissions from grid electricity used in electrolysers;
– Energy insecurity in remote communities in Australia, specifically considering how disconnection events are shaped by extreme temperatures and may be exacerbated by regulatory design;
– Differences in household responses to electricity rate design intended to shift timing of demand, in particular noting that some vulnerable sociodemographic groups face worse outcomes;
– Policies supporting residential solar photovoltaic installation, including the role of city policy support measures and an exploration of how to increase availability of solar for renters;
– Consumer preferences for electric vehicle adoption, with focus on factors outside the financial that shape decisions.

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