Professor Louis Moresi is a Researcher and Lecturer in the ANU Research School of Earth Sciences at ANU in the area of planetary scale geodynamics and plate tectonics.

Professor Moresi is an expert in the field of geodynamic modelling with a background in the study of the global tectonic evolution of the Earth and the terrestrial planets. He specialises in understanding emergence of plate tectonics from mantle convection, dynamic instabilities in the lithosphere, plate boundary models, and the global scale dynamics of the continental crust.

He also has 30 years’ experience developing mathematical finite element software that is specialised for geodynamics and tectonics problems and that can be used by geologists to solve real-world problems without needing deep knowledge in computational mathematics.

Professor Moresi’s modelling algorithms are specifically tailored for the creeping complex fluid and solid deformation including viscoelasticity, plasticity, mechanical anisotropy that are now widely used in the geological community and his software is used for problems in global tectonics, subduction zone dynamics, geomechanics, ice-flow simulation and groundwater modelling.

He has previously held positions at the California Institute of Technology, Monash University, University of Melbourne and CSIRO.

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