Professor Meghan Miller is a Professor and ARC Future Fellow at the ANU Research School of Earth Sciences.

Professor Miller is an internationally regarded researcher in geophysics with a focus in observational seismology. Her research focuses on observational seismology in order to understand the structural and dynamical evolution of the Earth.

She combines the use of novel seismological techniques, including the collection of new data in regions where none are available, integrated with other, sometimes disparate, geologic and geophysical data, to solve outstanding questions in plate tectonics. Currently she has seismic experiments in Alaska and Western Australia, but continue to work on data from previous experiments in Morocco, Spain, Timor Leste and Indonesia, along with other open access data.

She is the Program Director for AuScope Earth Imaging and an Australian Research Council (ARC) Future Fellow working on the use of Distrubuted Acoustic Sensing (DAS) for seismic imaging applications.

Fields of expertise



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