Dr Mike Bourke holds the position of Honorary Associate Professor in the School of Culture, History and Language in the College of Asia and the Pacific and is a member of the ANU Institute for Climate Energy and Disaster Solutions.

Dr Bourke is an expert on village agriculture in the Pacific Islands, with most of his career in Papua New Guinea, but also in Vanuatu, Solomon Islands and other Pacific Island nations. He is a specialist in food production. He has been engaged on a continuous basis in PNG and elsewhere in the Pacific Islands since 1970. He has conducted fieldwork in all 93 districts in PNG, as well as in several islands in Vanuatu and Solomon Islands. He was engaged in extensive studies in PNG villages up to late 2019 when the COVID-19 pandemic prevented fieldwork in PNG.

He has published numerous papers, scientific books, technical reports and outreach articles on agriculture, food security, rural development and land use. He has also published on poverty, climate change, demography and other related aspects in PNG and elsewhere in the Pacific. Recent studies and publications from PNG have included those on agricultural production, fresh food marketing, climate change, demography, rural development in remote locations (including near resource projects) and the impact of COVID-19 epidemic. Recent publications that cover Melanesia (or the southwest Pacific) are on food production and food security.

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