Dr Michael Cohen is a Senior Lecturer at the ANU National Security College.

Dr Cohen is one of Australia’s leading experts on the effects that nuclear weapons have on international security, conflict and cooperation. From September 2022 through January 2023 he is Partners Across the Globe Fellow at NATO Defence College, Rome.

His first book, When Proliferation Causes Peace: The Psychology of Nuclear Crises (Georgetown University Press: 2017), was reviewed as a “significant contribution to our knowledge”.

His expertise on the Korean peninsula has been sought by the US State Department as well as many other national and international scholarly groups and media outlets. He also has expertise on the US-Australia alliance, alliances, US-Chinese geostrategic competition and Indo-Pacific security.

Fields of expertise



AUKUS will help Australia meet menaces in our region

The AUKUS agreement – whereby Britain and the United States will provide nuclear-powered (but not nuclear-armed!) submarines and…

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