Professor Neil Trudinger is an Emeritus Professor at the ANU Mathematical Sciences Institute.

He was formerly a Professor at ANU since 1973. He is also currently an Honorary Professor at the Universities of Queensland and Wollongong.

Professor Trudinger’s research has spanned a large terrain of mathematics. Although largely focused on the theory and applications of nonlinear elliptic partial differential equations it has spread through functional analysis, differential geometry and computational mathematics, with recent work in optimal transportation and more recently in geometric optics.

His papers have appeared in the leading international journals and his early work from the 1960s is still highly cited. He is most famous for his book on elliptic equations, written jointly with David Gilbarg, which grew out of his lectures at Stanford in 1971. This book was first published in 1977 and has gone through various editions, also being translated into Chinese and Russian. Taking account of its various reprintings, it has been the most cited work on the database of the American Mathematical Society, MathSciNet, since its inception in 2000, and accounted for the Steele Prize award in 2008.

Professor Trudinger is an expert in mathematics, in particular partial differential equations and their applications. His media experience includes various interviews for newspapers, television appearances (ABC 7.30 report), and chairing a press release in Singapore.

Professor Neil Trudinger has been an Emeritus Professor of Mathematics since 2014.

Fields of expertise

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