Nicole Haley is a Professor at the ANU Department of Pacific Affairs.

Professor Haley joined the ANU Department of Pacific Affairs in 2006 and was appointed Convenor of the Program in January 2010. Nicole originally came to ANU in 1994 and graduated with a PhD in Anthropology in May 2003. Her thesis, Ipakana Yakaiya: Mapping Landscapes, Mapping Lives – Contemporary Land Politics among the Duna, was awarded the 2002 ANU Crawford Prize for Academic Excellence.

Nicole is co-editor of a book entitled Conflict and Resource Development in the Southern Highlands of Papua New Guinea and is also a co-author of the forthcoming collection on the 2007 Papua New Guinea General Elections.

In 2007 she coordinated the first ever domestic observation of the Papua New Guinea General Elections and is co-author of The 2007 Papua New Guinea National General Elections Domestic Observation Report.

Nicole is currently writing about electoral politics and local political cultures in PNG.

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