Olivia Congdon is a Senior Communications Officer at the ANU College of Science.



Supporting the re-emergence of cultural burning

Many Australians understandably see fire only as a danger, based on collective experiences of devastating bushfires. But if…

28 May 2024


Chough love: what’s behind the strange antics of the white-winged chough?

They have bulging red eyes, gather in packs and engage in gang warfare. And they can be found…


A croc’s life: below the surface, there’s more than meets the eye

Saltwater crocodiles are large predators that lurk in muddy waters, with jaws powerful enough to attack anything from…


Alone while a million people watched on

I’d never met Dr Kate Grarock, but after watching Alone Australia I felt like her proud friend. As…


It’s arguably the cutest Australian animal, so why have most of us never heard of it?

Picture a lemur crossed with a super fluffy cat. It’s an outrageously adorable but mysterious, leaf-munching creature that…


Slip into your waders, we’re off to catch Latham’s snipe

On a calm, summer evening, to the background of frog calls and buzzing mosquitoes, a group of volunteers…


Aussies snakes are undervalued: here’s how to be a friend from afar

We often worry about encountering snakes and how they impact us and our safety – but do you…


‘It’s like a soap opera’: The secret lives of superb fairy-wrens

“Cumquat needs to leave very soon,” Helen Osmond says in a concerned, parental kind of way, as she…

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