Rachael Thoms is an Associate Lecturer and PhD Researcher at the ANU School of Music.

She is a hybrid vocalist, singing voice expert, jazz and contemporary voice teacher, and aural skills lecturer. Rachael is a graduate of the ANU School of Music, with a rare combination of jazz and classical performance degrees: Bachelor of Music (Performance – Jazz), Honours First Class (Performance – Classical), Master of Music (Performance – Classical), and is now undertaking doctoral research in the field of vocal pedagogy.

Her research interests include vocal pedagogy, hybrid vocal technique and performance, voice science, and gender in jazz. The aim of Rachael’s current research project is to investigate the interfacing of recent cogent findings in the field of voice science with existing classical and jazz vocal pedagogies employed in higher education while addressing the students’ simultaneous development of functional freedom, vocal efficiency and sustainability with stylistic and improvisational fluency.

Rachael is a member of the Australian Voice Association, Australia’s leading multidisciplinary association for Voice, and ANATS, the peak body for teachers of singing in Australia.

For more information about Rachael, her teaching, current performing projects and more visit her website: http://rachaelthoms.com

Fields of expertise

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