Robert Wellington is an Associate Professor at the ANU School of Art and Design.

Associate Professor Wellington is an art historian with a special interest in the role of material culture in history making and cross-cultural exchange. 

Fields of expertise



Portraiture allows everyone to be a critic – just ask King Charles

“It’s the red that does it quite frankly.” Dr Robert Wellington, an art historian from The Australian National…

7 June 2024


Iris Apfel: a fashion dandy who proved age is simply a number, darling

In a cultural landscape obsessed with women not being allowed to show their age and, indeed, being told…

8 April 2024


Fashion, sex and drag: Vivienne Westwood’s queer legacy

I was 13 years old when I discovered Vivienne Westwood. The music came first. From the moment I…

24 January 2023

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