Emeritus Professor Roderic Broadhurst is Director of the ANU Cybercrime Observatory at the School of Regulation and Global Governance.

Professor Broadhurst’s career as a criminal justice practitioner and researcher spans more than 45 years and has included work in prisons, remote area public health, organised crime, homicide investigation and cybercrime. He directs the ANU Cybercrime Observatory, which is a focal point for research on human factors and cybercrime and publishes work on illicit crypto-markets, malware.

He has been researching cyber-security related topics since he convened the first Asian Cybercrime Summit at the University of Hong Kong in 2001. He has been awarded Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery grants, Hong Kong Competitive Research Grants and Criminology Research Council grants.

Professor Broadhurst’s research interests include the darknet, crime and modernisation, homicide, criminal behaviour, organised crime in China and Asia, crime in cyberspace, and studies of lethal violence, victimisation, and longitudinal research applying risk analysis to problems of recidivism and dangerous offending.

Fields of expertise



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