Dr Sarah Clement is an Associate Professor in Environmental Policy at the ANU Fenner School of Environment and Society.

Dr Clement is an environmental social scientist whose research focuses on the governance and transformation in the Anthropocene, as well as how the use of nature-based solutions can support efforts to address complex socio-economic and ecological challenges with a particular interest in nature-based solutions in cities.

She is particularly interested in policy and community resilience relating to bushfires and cascading disasters, and is currently leading an ARC funded project on bushfire, which explores how changing governance can help society confront three fundamental challenges relating to wildfire. Her work also has a strong focus on how biodiversity policy and governance can be reformed to address ecosystem loss and decline, while also recognising shifting baselines due to human impacts on the environment.

When based at the University of Liverpool (UK), she led 6-year demonstration project that implemented nature-based solutions in cities in the UK, Spain, Turkey, Vietnam, Columbia, Italy, Germany, and China. Her research also explores how urban greening can be more just, inclusive, and democratic, to maximise benefits for diverse urban publics.

She has previous media experience, and prior to her PhD had worked as an environmental policy advisor in the USA and Australia.

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