Dr Simon Jiang is a group leader at the John Curtin School of Medical Research and a senior staff nephrologist at Canberra Hospital.

Simon’s laboratory investigates the genetic and molecular basis of autoimmune and kidney disease, elucidating the mechanisms contributing to organ-specific disease and developing personalised and novel treatments for renal, rheumatologic and immunologic diseases.

His group also leads a national program investigating the genetic basis of kidney/immune disease in Indigenous Australians, as well as lead investigator into the genetic basis of kidney disease in the Tiwi Islands as part of the ANU Grand Challenge in Indigenous Health and Wellbeing. He is director of the Centre for Personalised Medicine (CPM) at ANU, which oversees these national autoimmune and Indigenous personalised medicine programs.

Simon is also founding co-chair of the Translational Glomerulonephritis Clinic at The Canberra Hospital which incorporates genetic and molecular understanding of disease into precision medicine in autoimmune kidney disease.

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