Dr Stacey Ward is a Lecturer in biological anthropology in the ANU School of Archaeology and Anthropology.

As a specialist in bioarchaeology, Dr Ward studies human skeletal remains from archaeological sites to find out about life in the ancient past.

Her current research focuses include 1) investigating how ancient communities in northeast Thailand responded to social and climate change and how these responses shaped health experiences over time; 2) exploring the ethics around applying social gender to the dead; and 3) exploring best practice in teaching and learning within the field of human skeletal analysis.

Dr Ward has extensive archaeology and bioarchaeology field work experience from working as a contract archaeologist, participating in research excavations, and leading bioarchaeology teams in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Israel, Peru, Australia, and New Zealand.

Fields of expertise



A clash of brooches and swords: is it ethical to gender a skeleton?

The real story of a person’s identity can remain untold if archaeologists are blinkered by binary thinking and…

14 December 2021

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