Will Grant is Associate Professor in Science Communication at the Australian National Centre for the Public Awareness of Science at ANU.

Awarded for his public policy and outreach work, Will has worked on the intersection of science, politics and technology for various scholarly scholarly (including Public Understanding of Science, Environmental Communication, Computers in Human Behaviour, Scientometrics and Higher Education Policy), and public facing outlets (including The Guardian, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Australian, The Conversation, Times Higher Education, The Canberra Times, The Brisbane Times, Crikey, The Drum, Climate Spectator and ABC Environment). He is co-founder of the researcher employment service PostAc.

Will is regularly heard on Radio National discussing science for Research Filter and Nightlife, as well as podcasting in The Wholesome Show, G’day Patriots and G’day Sausages, charting in the Australian iTunes top 50.

Will has held science communication workshops for a range of Australia’s leading science organisations, including Universities Australia, Science and Technology Australia and the Australian Academy of Science, as well has dozens of universities and research institutes, government departments and scientific societies around the country.

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