Three nuclear science discoveries from ANU you should know about

For many mortals, thoughts about the origins of the universe and how we, and all planets, came to…


What is pill testing and how does it work?

From detecting a deadly synthetic opioid circulating in the community to the Australian-first discovery of a mysterious new…

17 April 2023


ANU researchers closer to finding new lung cancer treatments

Scientists from The Australian National University (ANU) and the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre have discovered that a protein,…

13 January 2023


ANU students to forge own path in Indo-Pacific in year of firsts

Deepening knowledge in Japanese customs and applying an educational and mental health lens to better understand Korean culture…

6 December 2022


How flies are helping develop brain cancer treatments 

Chimpanzees and other members of the primate family are the animals that come to mind when we think…

1 November 2022


ANU HC Coombs Fellows return to campus following disruptions

Shining a spotlight on the representation of Aboriginal histories, Tasmanian artist, writer and curator Dr Julie Gough, a Trawlwoolway woman, draws on her Aboriginal ancestry and…

24 October 2022


Australia set to blast off on its first moon mission

Australia’s space industry is abuzz with excitement after the Federal Government inked a deal with NASA to put…

15 December 2021


Better behaving bots

Today’s robots are so advanced that they are learning to dance like humans. But can they think like us?…

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